Storage Tanks for Petrochemical Industries

Storage Tanks for Petrochemical Industries

 The chemical industry is facing a number of unique challenges today – cheap imports, volatile inputs and a declining manufacturing sector. Your storage tank design and build needs to be more intuitive so that your company can increase productivity, keep costs down and continue to compete on a domestic and global level.


Smarter tank solutions

We build the right tank for you: it’s smarter and customised to your needs compared to standard storage tanks which offer a one-size-fits all approach.


At A&G Engineering, we take a more sustainable approach to designing, building and recommending the right storage tank for clients. There is a range of dimensions and capacities available depending on your needs; our largest tank holds in excess of 5,000,000 litres.


We know that every company is different, with specific storage tank requirements. Our recommendations take into account your goals and constraints so we can provide you with the best and smartest solutions to construct your tanks.


Design process

Working with stainless steel is our forte and our engineers, fabricators and welders are specialists in their respective fields. With over 50 years of extensive experience, we’ve successfully overcome challenges, and expanded on our knowledge base to ensure we understand what’s needed and how to build it.

The design process includes an in-depth discussion with you, and then making specific and targeted recommendations. Our team will then draw up plans and drawings for review and approval.


Our engineers, welders and fabricators are all in-house which means you have access to their expertise and knowledge whenever you need it. The design and build for all your industrial liquid storage containers is managed on-premises, ensuring a seamless process.


Customisation process

A custom petrochemical storage tank will suit your needs better than a standard tank which may not contain essential features like heat sensors, costing you money to run in the long term. Depending on the capacity of the tank, we can either manufacture it at one of our three manufacturing facilities or do it on-site using our unique PAM (Precision Automated Manufacturing) methodology.


As your petrochemical tank manufacturer, we can design and build vertical, horizontal, self-bunded tanks (dual skin), cylindrical and rectangular tanks to suit your specific requirements. We also supply heating and cooling applications for our vessels, as well as various agitation designs and products for blending or mixing.

We don’t just design you a tank; access systems like stairways, stair towers, walkways and hand railings for tanks can also be included in your design. We fabricate these parts from carbon steel in a separate facility; so no cross-contamination happens between different steel types.


Maintenance costs can really add up and cut into your profitability, so we use stainless steel to manufacture all our tanks. Using stainless steel means your tanks need very little maintenance, last longer and don’t need special tank liners for protection so you reduce costs.


Fabrication process

We use a unique fabrication system called Site PAM (Precision Automated Manufacturing) to manufacture larger capacity stainless steel storage tanks. This system produces high quality results all the time by eliminating human influence. Workers input the different tank dimensions into the workstations that make up PAM and they produce the parts with high accuracy and repeatability. We use state-of-the-art automated bending, plasma TIG welding technology, and a unique build process that essentially builds from the ‘top down’ delivering accuracy.


We also fabricate spool pieces for projects or fittings including delivery and installation. You receive a complete solution and eliminate the hassle of sourcing parts or finding and coordinating other suppliers to fabricate parts to suit your new tank.


Future growth vs profitability

Smarter, more efficient assets are the answer to achieving operational excellence in an increasingly volatile industry challenged by high operational costs, environmental legislation and overseas manufacturers. Customised tanks designed from targeted recommendations, fitted with efficient heating and cooling applications and made from the right, low maintenance materials can save you operational dollars in the long term.


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