Innovation in stainless steel means better business

The last four years have seen A&G Engineering go to market with its unique ‘Site PAM’ (Precision Automated Manufacturing) solution, which is focused on large-capacity stainless steel vessels erected in the field.

A&G’s Site PAM methodology means less disruption for our clients, and a safer, cleaner, more environmentally friendly process.

With Site PAM, we have undergone extensive development and refinement of A&G’s design approach. We’re now using state-of-the-art automated bending, plasma TIG welding technology, and a unique build process that essentially builds from the ‘top down’.

This process safely minimises time, space, and plant and equipment requirements in order to fabricate our product. It also gives you, as the customer, a greater diversity of options by way of tank configuration and core material selection, so that the solution best suits your specific needs.

Larger tank sizes = Better return on investment

Our revolutionary Site PAM solution significantly increases the size of stainless steel vessels that can be produced in Australia, giving A&G the stand-alone capability nationally to custom build stainless steel vessels that hold in excess of 5,000,000 litres.

The larger capacity options enables our customers to use our stainless steel tanks for more applications, and importantly, maximise their return on investment.

Site PAM’s large capacity stainless steel storage and processing solutions is are designed to enable our customers in wine, brewing and dairy, as well as water treatment, mining and petrochemical industries, to achieve greater efficiencies and economies of scale.

We learn what you need, then we build it

A&G’s R&D team analyses collates information obtained from the technical teams within our prospective and existing customer base, as well as from our key suppliers. This information and these relationships enable our team to identify gaps in the market that we can address through innovation. We also review key tender packages annually to determine shifts in the market and our customer needs and expectations.

Collectively, the market information we gather helps to inform our innovation strategy and our specific R&D programmes.

Critical areas of need for our customers
  1. Life cycle cost (directly related to return on investment)
  2. Safety considerations
  3. Minimal disruption to existing production
  4. A&G’s risk profile – Our culture and our solutions make A&G a low-risk supplier in terms of both safety and reliability.
Life cycle value over carbon steel

The life cycle of a stainless steel tank is significantly more than that of traditional carbon steel offerings. And refurbishment and cleaning is simpler, cheaper, more environmentally friendly and less intrusive.

Benefits = competitiveness and more jobs for regional Australia

A&G stainless steel tanks are now a more competitive and cost-effective option compared with less durable carbon steel tanks, whilst providing the safest method of build available in the market. A&G’s Site PAM vessels also eliminate our customers’ needs for costly, unsafe and environmentally damaging refurbishment works, including sandblasting and stripping/re-painting.

With the benefits we pass on to our customers using Site PAM, we help them compete and grow, helping our domestic industries and their communities to thrive.

Want to know more about Site PAM and stainless steel tanks?

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