A&G Engineering – Completed Works Update

Here is a look at two examples of works completed for our clients in Australia; at Lion’s Little Creatures Brewery in Geelong, and at Treasury Wine Estate’s Lindeman’s Winery, in the Mildura region.

Little Creatures Brewery

In 2016, A&G manufactured, delivered and installed a 13 vessel tank farmfor Lion’s Little Creatures Brewery in Geelong, Victoria. The outcome of the project was to assist with achieving optimum fermentation performance for the brewery via this expansion project.

The large-scale beer fermentation upgrade project primarily involved the design, manufacture and installation of;

  1. 10 x 800HL Fermentation Vessels;
  2. 2 x 800HL Bright Beer Tanks;
  3. 1 x 400HL Bright Beer Tank;
  4. All Associated Formwork

Lindeman’s (Treasury Wine Estate)

A&G have been a long term trusted supplier of tanks, steelwork and winery equipment to Treasury Wine Estate’s Lindeman’s site at Karadoc, situated in Victoria’s Riverland Wine Region.

A&G have manufactured and installed the following at the site;

  1. Fermentation Vessels elevated on supporting Steelwork up to approximately 130 tonnes;
  2. Storage and processing vessels, including recent provision of a number of site-built vessels up to 1.5ML in capacity;
  3. Provision and servicing of Marzola Presses, including construction of pressing stations;
  4. Chutes/Hoppers and piping services;
  5. Retail stainless steel sales (tube, fittings, valves, flanges etc);
  6. Walkways and stairways