There would be few wineries in Australia without an A&G Engineering-supplied piece of equipment or stainless steel tank.

A&G is recognised as a wine industry visionary, having developed many of the engineering concepts, tanks, fermentation equipment and layouts in standard use throughout the industry.

The ‘Potter Fermenter’ (developed by and named after A&G founder, Ron Potter) revolutionised fermentation techniques in the 1970s, and its successor, the ‘Sweeping Arm Potter Fermenter’ (SWAP), further improved the process. A&G also introduced the rotary fermenter to the Australian wine industry, allowing rapid fermentation in as little as four days with minimal labour input.

A&G’s commitment to innovative services for Australia’s wine industry continues today. Our customers include global powerhouses such as TWE, Accolade Wines and Casella Family Brands. However, we also pride ourselves on helping develop smaller family-owned wineries around the country, supporting the growth of the industry.

A&G has the capabilities to manufacture and install (or manufacture on site) stainless steel wine storage tanks and formwork for all requirements. We also supply and custom fabricate a variety of stainless steel fermentation vessels and pressure vessels (to meet industry standards AS 1210 and/or AS 1692), pipe work, stair towers and walkways, receival bins and conveyor systems.

A&G’s manufacturing is complemented by a well-stocked stainless steel retail sales arm, selling a wide range of stainless steel products and ancillary equipment.

We are also exclusive long-term agents for the famed ‘Marzola Press’, complemented by our own in-house full service technician support and spare parts inventory.

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