How A&G stainless steel tanks boost sustainability

A&G processes for manufacturing and installing stainless steel tanks ensure sustainability from start to finish.

Companies today understand that business is more than profit making; they must take into account their social and environmental responsibilities.

With our unique processes, and the sheer size of our stainless steel tanks offerings, we’re helping Australian manufacturing become more competitive, while at the same time, more sustainable.

A&G contribution to sustainability

A&G has made great strides in sustainability with the design and material offerings that it can offer with its vessels. Read on to see how these developments can improve the sustainability of your site or business.

Environmental benefits

Life span of stainless steel tanks versus carbon steel vessels
Our stainless steel tanks have a life span of double to triple that of the carbon steel vessels. Our vessels have minimal maintenance requirements, eliminating the need for extensive vessel refurbishment usual for carbon steel tanks (generally required every 7-10 years).

Environmentally friendly cleaning
When cleaning stainless steel vessels, you can use safer, more environmentally friendly products and processes than those needed for carbon steel – for example, no more expensive and intrusive sandblasting.

Business sustainability

With the savings you’ll generate through our unique Site PAM process, you can grow your business, compete in domestic and international markets, and increase your worker base through jobs creation.

Long life cycle = sustainable businesses
When you choose our stainless steel tanks, you can be confident that your products have longevity, which means you can take a long-term view with your infrastructure investments.

Efficiencies through larger stainless steel tank capacity
Our unrivalled ability to safely and economically build our vessels to sizes 5ML+ means you’ll gain vast improvements in efficiencies, throughput, and ease of operation, while reducing the strain on infrastructure on Australian businesses.

Helping you Grow
A&G are proud of the savings that can be passed on through our innovative Site PAM (Precision Automated Manufacturing) process. This state-of-the-art automated bending and welding technology with a unique build process, essentially builds from the top down.

The result? We’ve minimised time, space, and plant and equipment requirements in order to fabricate our product.

In the past two years alone, we’ve added 15 new positions in Griffith and 10 more across our other regional manufacturing and retail sites. These new positions bring the A&G Group’s total workforce in regional Australia to over 200 employees, each of whom contributes to his or her local community. We anticipate we’ll need to employ another 10 workers in the next 12-18 months

Site PAM means we can build bigger stainless steel vessels (up to 5 million litres) that can be used for more applications, giving you more choice and helping you become more competitive; and competitiveness leads to growth.

Regional community benefits

More efficient manufacturing processes in regional Australia that lead to jobs growth mean more money spent in these communities, helping them to prosper and grow, and beat the trend of shrinking regional towns and cities.

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