3 Essential Design Features of a Milk Storage Tank

We know how vital milk silo’s and storage tanks are to your dairy plant operations. You need the tanks to maintain product quality and hygiene, reduce downtime, and be affordable to service and maintain. Our dairy vessels have three important design features to help your operations and ensure product quality and hygiene.

Feature #1: Clean-in-place (CIP) systems

Do workers spend too much time cleaning out milk storage tanks? Our automated CIP system reduces the amount of labour needed to clean the tanks and gets your tank ready quickly for production. The CIP system is the most commonly used automated cleaning system within the dairy industry, allowing tanks and pipework to be cleaned without dismantling equipment. It means lower costs, less downtime and increased processing opportunity in the long term.

CIP systems use an internal spray device such as a rotating cleaning nozzle or a fixed spray ball that’s customised to your operations. A key feature of the CIP system is the combination of time/temperature, maintaining the correct pressure in the tank, which is very important for optimum operations.

We can design a wide range of CIP systems to suit different sized tanks and volumes for all sized dairy processing plants.

Feature #2: Custom agitation solutions

Correct agitation relies on the design of the agitator impeller combined with speed, size and profile. It must be a simple design for ease of cleaning, and the correct width for the size of the tank and viscosity of the dairy product.

We work closely with you to ensure that we design and install the correct agitation solution for vessels.

Feature #3: Accurate surface finishes

Does your dairy stainless steel tank need a ‘grit finish’ for a polished weld surface? Did you know that even if you use the same ‘grit’ you could end up with a large variation of surface finishes? At A&G, we always specify and measure the polished surface in Micron because it gives a known result with a measurable finish.

The accepted internal finish for welds is 1.0Ra (Micron). This standard ensures a hygienic and easy-to-clean surface and is the dairy industry benchmark. We can achieve internal weld finishes of 1.0Ra to the customer’s specifications because of our superior quality assurance process and unique, automated tank polishing system, which measures and polishes to a high degree of accuracy.

 Different steel grades for dairy tanks

We select materials and grade that best suits the customer by assessing and determining tank requirements, the CIP system required, and the temperature range of the product or cleaning cycles. Different steel grades can increase the strength of the milk storage tank, increase resistance to corrosion, and prevent heat and chemical damage.

We also fabricate and install code-compliant structural steel stair towers and associated catwalks to provide safe and convenient access to our vessels and tank farms. You get a complete system, ready to go.

Need more information?

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