Custom Tanks for Safe, Clean Edible Oil Production

We’ve helped so many of the nearly 200 processed edible oil manufacturers in Australia. Whether you’re a vegetable oil, olive oil or tallow producer, we know what your stainless steel storage and settling tank operations specify. Tanks ain’t just tanks. They are a key element in your streamlined production process. Talk to us about handling the fabrication and delivery of your custom stainless steel tank.

– Steve Perlowski, Estimator at A&G Engineering

A&G Engineering has been designing to the needs of Australia’s leading edible oil producers for decades. Our tanks are engineered as a complete solution.

Getting exactly what you need

When I get a call about a tank, the conversation starts with general storage or settling and size requirements. We’ll drill down to top or bottom cone requirements. Do you want free or connected vents with a manifold system? Is there a need for ozone injection over the top? And do you want top or side manways? Decisions then have to be made about CIP cleaning; do you need fixed sprays inside the tank, or external washing systems on a rotating head stand?

Then there’s usually a decision required on whether the tank needs to be flat on a pad or on legs. This is where things can get a little complicated, and our engineers are happy to talk to your civil experts so we can properly design the footing to suit.

Being a custom designer and fabricator, we can add anything from stainless steel pressure vessel design, static and rotary fermentation vessels, pipe work fabrication, conveyor systems and heat exchangers, all the way to access systems such as stairtowers and catwalks.

For olive oil producers, we know you want to be hands off and gentle on your product. Settling is vital to you, so our specially designed stainless steel tanks and pressure vessels have a bottom cone design that accommodates this need. We can add sight level gauges and capping systems specific to your needs. Nitrogen sparging systems can be introduced into the bottom of the vessel to promote mixing.

Viscosity is often an issue, particularly for tallow, liquid fat and oil recycling operations. Our hot water or steam heating coils maintain the flow by maintaining the temperature at the 25-30 degree mark.

You won’t find ready-mades that let you match tank to production needs so exactly.

Size does count

We build to the requirements of your output and site. You may have height restrictions, or have a narrow footprint and need extra height in the design of your tank. The only restriction on what size tank we can design for is the limitation of transporting it. We have our own dedicated transport branch and heavy vehicle fleet that specialises in getting over dimension loads under permits to their destination safely and legally.

The Standards test

In the edible oils game, if it involves a classified combustible liquid, the tank has to be made to AS1692 – and we know all about boiling and flash points.

Our contribution to keeping your costs down

There are many issues that impact oils and tallow companies across Australia. Examples include changing consumer taste, harvest and price fluctuations, and competition from imports and biofuel producers. Therefore, when it comes to the purchase of new equipment, factors such as total cost of ownership must be considered.

The capital intensive edible oils industry is moving towards more automation. We too have moved to the semi-automation of our manufacturing through development of our unique Precision Automated Manufacturing (PAM) process. The shift to vacuum box testing for leaks, rather than dye penetrant sprays, has significantly improved our production line. These examples of ongoing investment result in cleaner, consistently better finished products. We know how labour costs can hit your bottom line. So features of our tanks – such as cleaning options – are designed to minimise the time, effort and expertise required to correctly maintain A&G tanks and your stored oils. It is our job to ensure that you not only get a quality product, but that you obtain a good return on investment when acquiring our equipment.

Knowing we can deliver

In my 12 years at A&G dealing with edible oil producers from all over Australia, there haven’t been many requests we haven’t found an answer to. Whether you know exactly what you need, or have a curly installation problem, the fact that we have highly professional QA and engineering people on hand means we’ll be able to work out a quality solution for you.

A&G is always improving – both operationally and via our products. It’s a modern company with strengths coming from the handing down of expertise through three generations and the new ideas coming from the young crew now at the helm.

For me, it’s a matter of pride that I can be sure that what I quote on, will be delivered to you. I’m looking forward to your call.