On The Road With Transport Scheduler Steve Parr

Manpower, checklists, police, power companies, pilots, permits and licences – the logistics involved in the safe and timely delivery of your stainless steel tank.

The on-time delivery of A&G Engineering’s oversize, highly valuable stainless steel tanks – from one side of Australia to the other – takes expertise, strict procedures and a fascination for problem solving.

 – Steve Parr, Transport Scheduler at A&G Engineering

With customer satisfaction and industrial workplace safety at equal pegging, the delivery of our tanks is often the most complex step in A&G Engineering’s service process. It was a conscious decision, made some years ago, to develop a dedicated and professional Transport Department to de-risk the commissioning of our products and minimise the cost to our customers. It takes specialist knowledge to make sure every order arrives via a streamlined and safe logistical process.  We take every hurdle along the road in our daily stride.

From one of A&G Engineering’s three manufacturing facilities – Griffith, NSW, Mildura, VIC, or Angaston, SA, we can truck your custom stainless steel tank or vessel to you anywhere in Australia.

We’re a pretty busy team. Our trucks have been to Perth four times this in the past year and down to Melbourne to ship an oversize tank across to Tasmania. The deliveries to wineries in the Riverina, Barossa, Hunter and Yarra Valleys are constant. Then we go across to Sydney and Unanderra, and all down the NSW South Coast. We took a custom-built A&G 18m stainless steel auger to Townsville in Queensland last month, and beverage companies have us heading to North Eastern NSW & Queensland.

When you’re considering installing or relocating your stainless steel tank, you have the assurance of knowing the job will be done on time and without damage to your investment.

Checking it on paper and on site

Having our own in-house transport system means we control the process and procedures, to ensure your order arrives, as specified. This is particularly important for over-size and sensitive loads of insulated tanks or ones with a stainless skin.

We operate specialist equipment including long haul prime movers, extendable low-loaders, B-double drop decks, escort vehicles, knuckle booms and mobile cranes up to 100 tonnes for installations and relocations. To ensure the safe and reliable delivery of all our products we constantly update and maintain relevant licences including MC/R, non-slew crane, white card, forklift and EWP.

For large or complex installations, production teams are sent to inspect the route and the job site, so we can have absolute certainty of plans and procedures.

“I started at A&G years ago as a truck driver and I’ve seen every type of job from all the angles. I know all the questions to ask customers and the authorities along the route, and what information the crews need. Our guys understand specialised loading and unloading”


Making your tank is the easy part, getting it to you is something else

The logistics world has come a long way from just filling out a consignment note and waving off a driver. We operate under today’s National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, WH&S, Chain of Responsibility and operate with software dedicated to automate and store the paperwork.

Regulations differ across each State and are strictly governed and enforced. We have to be absolutely on top of our game when it comes to driver working hours, over-size loads, power escorts, police escorts and other regulatory requirements that are stipulated by relevant government and non-government agencies.

Moving a tank from Griffith to a brewery in Adelaide for example, requires coordination of utility companies, power escorts to lift wires over the moving tank, Police and Transport Departments through three states. There can’t be any delays along the way or we are charged extra waiting time fees. We have to know where city or local Councils have curfews or road works.


Imports and Freight

The collection of imported products out of Customs and back to our manufacturing plants or retail outlets is critical to us meeting your delivery deadlines.

Many of the base products for our stainless steel fabrications, including containers of high grade coil as well as some small tanks and cone ends for settling tanks are picked up from ports around Australia – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide.

Control over our processes and our relationships with freight forwarding companies are key to ensuring there are no hold ups at the docks.