Advantages of On-Site Fabrication for Large Tanks 

The on-site fabrication of storage tanks and pressure vessels can be necessary for a variety of reasons, for example:  

  • the required tank is too large to be transported    
  • accessibility to the required location is compromised; and  
  • the function of the vessel requires, or can accommodate, large capacity storage 

A&G Engineering are Australia’s undisputed specialist on-site fabricator of large capacity stainless-steel tanks, with capabilities to fabricate on-site tanks with capacities up to 5,000,000 litres.  

On-site construction of large stainless steel tanks offer several benefits compared to off-site fabrication and installation. Some of the key advantages include: 


On-site construction allows for greater flexibility in design and customisation to accommodate specific site requirements, such as space constraints or unique layout configurations. A&G Engineering can tailor the tank’s dimensions, features, and specifications to meet the buyer’s exact needs. 

Cost savings:  

On-site construction can potentially reduce overall project costs by eliminating or minimising transportation expenses associated with delivering prefabricated tanks to the site. It also eliminates the need for additional handling and assembly required for off-site fabrication. 

Reduced lead times:  

On-site construction can accelerate project timelines by avoiding the lead times associated with manufacturing, transportation, and assembly of prefabricated tanks. This can be particularly advantageous for projects with tight schedules or urgent requirements. 


A&G Engineering’s investment in PAM (Precision Automated Manufacturing) technology for on-site build means that a tank is built in the field with the same equipment and in substantially the same manner as a tank built in our workshop environment, to the same quality, with the same tolerances and no compromises. On-site quality control processes are the same as a factory-build, and the same certification standards apply and can be met.   


On-site construction enables real-time adjustments and modifications to the tank design or construction methods based on site conditions or unforeseen challenges. This adaptability can help overcome obstacles and ensure the successful completion of the project. 

Seamless integration:  

Constructing large stainless steel tanks on-site facilitate seamless integration with existing infrastructure and systems, such as piping, valves, and control systems. This ensures compatibility and optimal functionality within the overall process or facility layout. 

Enhanced safety:  

On-site construction minimises the risks associated with transporting and handling large, prefabricated components. It also enables closer supervision of safety protocols and ensures compliance with industry best practices throughout the construction process. 

Overall, on-site construction offers greater flexibility, cost-effectiveness, quality control, and safety compared to off-site fabrication for large stainless steel tanks. By leveraging these benefits, buyers can achieve efficient and successful project outcomes tailored to their specific needs and objectives. 


The unmatched combination of experience, flexibility, expertise, and technology for every A&G Engineering project serve to minimise production risk and ensure on-time, on-budget, and as-specified delivery.  

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