MTC – Quality, Compliance and Accountability


A Material Test Certificate (MTC) is a quality assurance document used in the metals industry that acts as a certified record of a material’s chemical and physical properties and states a product complies with specific international standards.

The MTC provides assurance that a given material meets or exceeds the standards required for an application also serves as a traceable record, back to a material’s original manufacturer, to ensure quality and accountability according to international standards.

These qualities are necessary for assuring proper compliance, reporting, and application purposes and ensure that manufacturers are working with materials suited for their intended purpose. This is particularly important for applications where specific compositions and tolerances are required to ensure safety.

Peter Robertson from A&G Stainless Steel said, “If a winery purchases 100 metres of 3-inch food-grade stainless steel tube, it has to be certain that the chemical composition of the steel is within tolerances and the manufacturing standards and tests for fluid transfer in stainless steel set out in AS 1528 have been complied with. The Material Test Certificate is the proof-point that the winery can rely upon to ensure they’re getting what they’ve paid for”

To ensure confidence and consistency of MTC’s, EN 10204:2004 is the European standard for inspection documents that authenticate materials used in metallic and non-metallic products. EN 10204-3.1 is the most common MTC in the steel industry and is issued by the manufacturer in which they declare that the products supplied comply with the requirements of the order and in which they supply test results.

Peter Robertson from A&G Stainless Steel said, “With the exception of purchases of small industrial connections like threaded fittings, A&G provide Material Test Certificates to all our customers”, and added “Before we introduce products into our range from new suppliers, we would routinely conduct due diligence including visiting a new mill, reviewing their testing facilities and procedures and, sometimes, engaging a third-party to conduct independent tests and inspections to ensure conformance.”

“The Material Test Certificate is critical in the chain of responsibility, and it ensures complete visibility for all parties. It means the mill has manufactured and shipped a compliant product; A&G has received and supplied a compliant product and our client can incorporate a compliant product into their manufacturing and production processes.”

A&G Stainless Steel has the industry’s largest range and availability of stainless-steel pipe, AS1528 tube, fittings, flanges, stainless steel sections and sheet for industrial applications such as fluid transfer systems. The business is supported by dedicated internal and external freight network that ensure ease and reliability of supply of all products, across Australia as well as internationally.

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