Meet the team: Peter Robertson

Immediately before joining A&G Engineering, Peter Robertson was self-employed and running a stainless steel engineering supply business that principally dealt with welding products and consumables. 

While on a road trip, Peter had a chance meeting with an A&G executive, and he was offered a role as the Sales Manager for A&G’s stainless steel retail business in Victoria, based in Mildura. 

 That was January 2004. 

Peter spent the next fifteen years building the A&G retail business from Mildura before relocating to the Company’s new Melbourne branch  in 2019. 

Peter said ‘Before A&G I had a two-year itch and regularly switched jobs. I’ve now been with A&G for seventeen years. It’s an authentic family-owned business with strong family values; they look after their people and you always know that the company has got your back’ adding, ‘Retail was originally a small sideline part of the A&G business, but we felt it had potential to grow, and it was a personal goal of mine to make retail a major part of the company.’ 

It’s the inclusiveness and common sense of purpose that binds Peter to A&G, saying ‘No one micro-manages you and they let you get on with the job. A&G have demonstrated a lot of trust in me and given me a lot of freedom to make decisions in the best interests of our clients and the company. Even when we’ve had challenging times such as the GFC when nickel prices were extremely volatile, followed by drought and a big down-turn in the wine industry, A&G remained true to their values and there was never any doubt that we’re all in this together and we’ll all come through this together.’  

 ‘A&G is all about long-term client relationships. We want to understand the business of our clients and bring our expertise to bear on the specific challenges they face. Furthermore, we treat every client the same as you never know what might happen in the future. I once had a call from a new client who desperately needed a $10 part and I drove 2½ hours to deliver it. That client has now grown to a multi-million dollar account. Relationship building and ‘going the extra mile’ are hard-wired into A&G culture.’ 

 ‘A&G’s retail business has come a long way and so have I. As our volume has grown, we now purchase directly from the manufacturers and this one-time tradie is now travelling internationally  to meet producers and develop relationships that will support our supply chain for the long-term.’ 


Founded in 1963, A&G Engineering is an Australian, family-owned company that has grown from humble beginnings to become Australia’s leading designer and fabricator of stainless-steel tanks and vessels. A&G has an outstanding reputation in the winery and brewery markets, as well as throughout the dairy, water treatment and petrochemical industries.    

With manufacturing facilities in Griffith (NSW), Mildura (VIC), Angaston (SA), and dedicated retail facilities in Melbourne, Griffith & Mildura, A&G welcomes enquiries from people who would like to join the team. 

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