How A&G minimise production risk

by Heath Woodland, National Production Manager

Once product design and specification has been finalised with the client, responsibility for on-time, on-budget and as-specified delivery rests with the A&G production team led by National Production Manager, Heath Woodland.

For A&G, this is where the rubber hits the road.

The fabrication process starts with a full set of construction drawings that are issued to the workshop including steel and fittings specifications, picking slips, quality control requirements based upon prevailing Australian Standards, and an internal test plan (ITP) that accompanies the product through the entire fabrication process.

“There are a number of factors that position A&G as a world-class fabricator” says Heath Woodland, “In isolation, these factors are not unique, but the presence of them all in a single business is what makes A&G so exceptional and minimises fabrication risk for our customers”

Unprecedented expertise

As an established and reputable employer in regional Australia, A&G has long-term employees with many years’ experience in all aspects of tank and pressure vessel fabrication. The scale of the A&G business and the size of its workforce provides a large pool of highly-skilled resources that can be deployed on complex projects or challenging deadlines.

Automated manufacturing

At the heart of A&G’s production capability is its state-of-the-art Precision Automated Manufacturing (PAM) system that ensures consistency, repeatability and quality in production. In addition, PAM removes a range of manual handling tasks that result in a safer workplace, and in the hands of the A&G workforce, PAM creates formidable production capacity with certainty of quality.

Production flexibility

With manufacturing sites in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, resources can be deployed at multiple locations to work on a single job and is one of the reasons why A&G has such an outstanding record on projects with tight deadlines. While manufacturing can be distributed across several plants, final assembly is performed at the location that is most beneficial to the customer in terms of logistics, installation and commissioning.

In-house inspectors

A&G is one of a handful of fabricators that employs its own in-house Inspectors who are independent of the fabrication process and are certified to approve weld quality, dimensional tolerances and non-destructive tests. In addition, A&G inspectors also coordinate tests with external inspectors and tests that are witnessed by customers.

The unmatched combination of experience, flexibility, expertise and technology combine for every A&G project to minimise production risk and ensure on-time, on-budget and as-specified delivery.

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