How A&G Improves Your Work Safety Record

When A&G began manufacturing stainless steel tanks back in 1963, we had three main goals: to build a sustainable business, to innovate to help our clients compete in a global market, and to keep everyone safe.

At A&G Engineering, we believe in safety first for all our processes. This is to ensure that all employees return to their families at the end of each day without incident.

A&G’s capabilities include the ability to manufacture vessels in the field with capacities up to 5,000,000 litres. In developing our unique Site “PAM” (Precision Automated Manufacturing) methodology for these field erected vessels, we are able to employ the safest available method of manufacture, whilst also achieving pricing and efficiency benefits for our customers.

Apart from the significant quality gains (which you can read about here), the A&G Site PAM method decreases manufacturing times and maintains an attractive up front (and life cycle) cost proposition.

Our automated Site PAM process provides;

  • In-workshop manufacturingand transport to site of significant componentry to enable production in a controlled environment at cheaper rates.
  • Minimal physical footprint, and time on site, for the works.
  • Diverse material selection options
    While material choice can have a positive impact on the build cost, and prolong the life of the stainless steel tank or vessel, there are other considerations such as weight, which can have a significant effect on the scope of civil works, and plant and equipment costs on site.
Unique safety benefits

With A&G Site PAM, we’ve eliminated:

  • The need for scaffolding and working at heights.
  • Safety and environmental risks associated with refurbishment requirements for carbon steel. Cleaning/maintenance programs for stainless steel vessels generally use safer products and processes than those employed with carbon steel vessel refurbishment programs. No more need for sandblasting, stripping and repainting, or use of chemicals that could harm the environment.

In addition, we provide transparent Safety Management System services for each build, including subcontractor management/principal contractor obligations.

What does Site PAM mean for your business?

The efficiencies and quality outcomes we’ve achieved through the Site PAM process can open new markets for you.

Unique Offering

The sheer scope (5,000,000L+ capacity), variety of grade available,life cycle cost savings and automated manufacturing process of stainless steel vessels that we can manufacture safely and efficiently through Site PAM, is a unique customer value proposition that is unmatched by competitors.

Because A&G Site PAM is the safest method of build in the market, you can have peace of mind and be assured of industrial safety when undertaking your tank farm expansion project.

Purchasers of traditional carbon steel site build vessels are swayed to Site PAM by the increased life of the stainless steel vessels, the lack of ongoing maintenance costs, the safety and environmental benefits, the service A&G provides, and the economy (both time and money) of the project itself.

Want to know more about safer stainless steel tanks?

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