Designing Stainless Steel Tanks – Every Detail Matters

Headquartered at Griffith in New South Wales, A&G Engineering is a family-owned business that is Australia’s leading specialist in the design and fabrication of stainless-steel processing and storage tanks of all configurations and capacities. With a firm belief that every little detail matters when it comes to designing stainless steel tanks, A&G maintains an unwavering focus on one simple goal – to be the lowest risk manufacturer while delivering the most favourable lifetime cost model to its clients.

From consultation to agreement 

A&G is an end-to-end, custom manufacturer. Every project reflects the very specific needs of a customer, and each project is unique. 

A project starts with a meeting between an A&G representative and a prospective customer. A&G listen carefully to the prospect’s requirements, including the intended use of the tank, dimensions, capacity, special features, and any specific design preferences. A&G assess the feasibility of the project and may discuss any potential challenges or limitations and offer suggestions to optimise the design or address any concerns. Once the requirements are clear, A&G prepare a quotation and proposal outlining the scope of the project, including the design, materials, estimated cost, and timeline for completion. This proposal is presented to the customer for review and consideration. 

After any queries or revisions have been addressed, if both parties are satisfied with the proposal, an agreement is signed, and the project moves to the formal design and engineering phase. 

The role of the Drafting Department 

This stage involves A&G’s Design and Drafting Team. In A&G, the team is headed by 10-year A&G veteran, Damien Milani, who said, “I have many masters – the customer, sales, engineering and the workshop, and I have to bring something to the table that can satisfy all of them!” 

The drafting department is responsible for translating customer requirements and engineering and technical specifications into detailed designs and drawings, and ensuring that the final product meets the customers’ expectations. 

Once the customer has signed-off, the drafting department collaborates closely with the production teams responsible for fabricating the product. They must provide detailed drawings and instructions to guide the fabrication process, ensuring that each tank is built accurately and efficiently. 

As Damien notes, “There is absolutely no margin for error – what arrives at the customer premises must be precisely what they’ve agreed on and are expecting. A lot of people are involved, and communication must be first-class. At A&G, we have great drafting and design technology and pride ourselves on really slick workflow and processes. We strive for the job to pass seamlessly through the system quickly and efficiently, with every T crossed and I dotted.” 

“It’s a credit to the whole team we have at A&G. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we have vast experience. Everyone knows what they have to do, and we guide customers through the whole process.” 

A&G Engineering have been manufacturing stainless steel storage tanks and pressure vessels for 60 years. The unmatched combination of experience, flexibility, expertise, and technology combine for every A&G project to minimise production and operational risk and ensure on-time, on-budget, and as-specified delivery.      

If you have a technical query or want to find out how A&G can help you with your next project, talk to our expert team by calling us on (02) 6964 3422 or email with your inquiry.     

We look forward to hearing from you.