Custom Made Conveyor Systems

Custom Made Conveyor 

A&G Engineering recently introduced custom-made conveyor systems for the fertilizer industry. What makes this machine superior to others in the market and how can it help you keep costs down? 

Stainless steel vs mild steel chassis 

One of the biggest challenges facing the fertilizer industry in Australia is corrosion of equipment, which may lead to product contamination, loss of productivity dollars and a spike in maintenance expenses.  

The majority of Australian made conveyor systems in the market are made of mild steel, which is cheaper at first instance, however corrodes quicker and hence needs more maintenance, costing you money in the long term.  Our custom conveyors are made of heavy-gauge stainless steel which has three to four times the lifespan of a mild steel equivalent (with correct maintenance). All materials used in manufacturing our conveyor systems are also traceable to the suppliers, guaranteeing their quality. 

Because the source materials have a higher corrosion resistance, you spend less on maintenance and the machine lasts longer increasing profitability over the long term.  

Customised conveyor system 

A standout quality of our new conveyor system is that we can customise it to your site and operations through an on-site commissioning process. We understand that different industries have different requirements; you need a machine that’ll achieve your specific company and productivity targets.  

Currently, many stainless steel conveyor systems are manufactured overseas and need to be assembled on-site. This can prove difficult if you don’t have the expertise available or if the parts are incomplete leading to loss of productivity and extra expenses.  We manufacture all our conveyors in our factory in Griffith NSW, so they’re made locally and to Australian quality standards. Need to call someone to come on-site to discuss requirements for your conveyor system? We have an expert team based in NSW who provide personal service throughout the entire process.   

You also have a local point of contact who will go through the commissioning process with you, deliver, install and complete the set-up of the conveyor on your site and provide training and after-sales service. It gives you, the customer peace of mind that you can pick up the phone and talk to someone in Australia, who can come out to see you on-site. We pride ourselves on our service and support for A&G products. 

Detailed training manual 

Each conveyor we manufacture comes with its own training manual with step-by-step instructions on how to operate and maintain the machine, and a list of all the parts used with their serial numbers. You can perform your own maintenance on-site easily, saving on costs and reducing downtime because you’re not waiting for an external technician to arrive.  

If you do require your workers to be trained, we can do this once we have installed and set-up the conveyor system on your premises. 

 Increased efficiency 

Our conveyor systems are faster and more efficient, with minimal moving parts, compared to tubulators, screw conveyors and bucket elevators. The width and length can be calculated to help move larger quantities of various dry fertilisers increasing the efficiency of your plant.  

The enclosed design minimises product spillage so workers spend less time cleaning up at the end of the day and focus on more important aspects of their jobs. 

The conveyor is fully self-supported and mobile so that it’s easy for all your staff to operate and move it wherever it’s needed. The machine is self-propelled with variable hydraulic speeds for a safer and accurate operation.   

Are your operators manually handling your current conveyor into position 

Our product has an adjustable discharge height by hydraulic cylinder eliminating the need for manual handling by your workers. Brightly coloured safety labels are displayed on all moving and pinch points in accordance with safety standards and laws. 

The safety labels and automatic speed controls make it a safer machine for your workers. 

Future growth vs profitability 

The fertiliser industry in Australia is set to grow annually at a rate of 1.5 percent, with small and mid-size companies operating in it. With such stiff competition, companies will need to become faster at getting their product to market and keep costs down to remain profitable. The right machinery customised to your production needs can give you a competitive advantage over other manufacturers.  

Need more information on the custom conveyor systems we make? Call A&G Engineering today for an obligation-free quotation on (02) 6964 3422.