Better Customer Outcomes Through Design

Greenfield design and fabrication projects allow A&G to flex its muscles in terms of minimising design and engineering risk and optimizing outcomes for customers.   

The process starts with an analysis of the key application outcomes that are driving the customer, followed by a site inspection to ensure that installation and implementation needs are properly captured at the design stage. In addition to relevant codes and industry standards, the design stage would address instrumentation requirements, manway access for process maintenance, minimising lifetime cost through energy efficiency plus safe and compliant access systems such as stair towers and walkways.  

A&G Business Development Manager, David Padilla, notes; While very welcome, these sorts of greenfield opportunities are less frequent, and many of our customers have a well-developed understanding of their needs accompanied by detailed design work, and under such circumstances, the task primarily involves fabrication of a product that complies with relevant Codes and Standards. 

While opportunities for value-add may appear limited, A&G approach every job as an opportunity to look for better and more cost-effective ways of doing things and has an enviable record in delivering better outcomes for customers.” 

A recent example was a chemical storage tank A&G delivered for a customer. The design code required heavier grade steel at the base of the barrel, with progressively lighter-grade steel higher-up the barrel. David commented on how A&G applied its design knowhow to achieve a better outcome for the customer; 

‘304 grade stainless steel would have been more than adequate for the tank application, however we proposed using 304 stainless for the base and top, and a single grade of high-tensile LDX 2101 for the entire barrel. From a metallurgical perspective, LDX was overkill for the product, however mixing and matching different grades of steel enabled us to reduce weight and reduce cost and provide a far superior overall result for the customer”. 

Another example was a tank design in which the customer specified weld-neck flanges. A&G assessed the application, and after consultation with the customer, proposed slip-on flanges as an option, as welding time to install was reduced by half and it offered significant cost-savings to the customer. David commented, Often particular requirements are on a drawing simply because that’s the way it has always been done. At A&G, we will always ensure that products meet or exceed the prevailing standards, but we’ll always look to see if there is a way to deliver better outcomes to customers. We take great pride in this “value-add” mindset here at A&G”. 

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