A&G welcomes Tony Brown to its Angaston Operation

With over 25 years’ experience in design, drafting and project management, A&G are delighted to welcome Anthony Brown to its business development team based in Angaston, South Australia.

It was while working in the water treatment and water infrastructure sector that Tony was first exposed to the winery industry, and he spent eight years with Barossa winery, Yalumba, in a diverse role involving winery drafting, design, construction and project management from breaking ground to final implementation. Tony’s skillset has continued to grow with his contributions to many more wineries, distilleries and other industrial sectors. 

Working in the Barossa for many years, Tony not surprisingly came in contact with A&G founder, Ron Potter, and having completed a number of projects together, Tony soon developed a high-regard for A&G in terms of both their capabilities and culture, and noted, ‘A&G is a well-respected and professional company that has kicked a lot of goals for the wine industry’.

With many years of project management experience, risk management is part of Tony’s DNA, and he said ‘Working with A&G appeals to my risk-averse nature; they are a structured, serious and capable company, and everything is properly researched and thought-through. Every T is crossed, every I is dotted, and they deliver what they say they will’.

As a seasoned campaigner, Tony has witnessed many of the peaks and troughs in the wine industry, and despite some recent lean years, he sees a lot of optimism that growth and production can accelerate, and is excited about his role with A&G saying, ‘While they enjoy an outstanding reputation, the full scope of A&G’s capabilities are probably not fully understood by the industry and my job is to ensure that A&G are top-of-mind for everyone involved in production and production infrastructure’.

Ready to find out how A&G can help you? Talk to Tony Brown by calling him on (02) 6964 3422 or email abrown@agengineering.com.au with your inquiry. We look forward to hearing from you.