Stainless Steel tanks and pressure vessels 
 A&G Engineering

Stainless Steel Equipment with compliance 

to industry standards.

A&G Engineering’s quality is your assurance. Our Quality Standards guarantee compliance and apply to everything we touch. They have been adopted from the best of Australian, European and internationally recognised American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASMI) Standards. In stainless steel fabrication, Quality defines the materials and structural integrity of the end product delivered to you – adding value to your investment. Specific industry Standards apply to custom stainless steel tanks and pressure vessel projects across wine, brewing, petrochemical, dairy, water, food and beverage, and mining sectors. 

A&G’s Manufacture Data Reports are best practice and document every detail of the build. Our welders have 3rd party accreditation for all qualifications from the baseline AS3992 competencies. Strict operating standards have a positive influence on productivity and WH&S. With a focus on safety and ease of use, our product features minimise manual input and downtime. 

A&G Engineering –  50 years, awarded expertise in design, fabrication and installation of stainless steel equipment for primary industries, food and beverage, and mining operations across Australia. 

If you’re upgrading processing facilities or designing a new manufacturing plant, A&G guarantees professional excellence as your quality stainless steel partner. We’re here to help you meet the constraints of time, site, space and delivery.

Value adding:

  • Low TCO – our steel tanks and pressure vessels, up to 5 million litres, built for low total cost of ownership
  • Design features focus on safety and ease of use for minimised manual input and downtime
  • Rapid, de-risked deliveries using A&G’s profession transport and installation teams
  • Help with re-sale and relocation of redundant equipment